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About Richard Buckle: 

Richard BuckleI co-founded the company, Pyalla Technologies, LLC, and I am actively engaged in contract writing assignments.  

I have joined the board of newly-formed start-up,  Infrasoft PTY, and co-founded Infrasoft, LLC .

I have been in the IT industry for forty years and have remained close to the data center – having worked for Nixdorf, Tandem, InSession, and ACI. Most recently, I was part of the GoldenGate Software organization.

I have enjoyed a long association with User Groups dating back to the late 70s. I am particularly passionate about the grass-roots activities of communities and have enjoyed working with regional groups in many countries. I spent 7 years as a Director on the board of ITUG and served as its Chairman for 2 years (2004 - 2005), and I spent another two years on the board of SHARE, the IBM mainframe user group. I am active in a number of social networks as well as a frequent visitor of virtual communities. 




About Margo Holen:


Margo HolenI co-founded Pyalla Technologies, LLC. In my Technology professional life I served the NonStop user community first as the ITUG Vice Chairman and then as the first Vice President of CONNECT, the HP user community combining ITUG, Encompass, and HP-Interex EMEA. I was first elected to the ITUG Board in 2006 and served as Finance Director before becoming Vice Chairman of the Board in 2007. Prior to becoming a director, I served as a leader of numerous committees including Program Chair for several ITUG annual conferences.  

I am a co-founder of Pyalla Technologies, LLC..and the CEO of InfraSoft, LLC. I am as well on the Board of Directors of InfraSoft, PTY. Previously I was a Vice President of Engineering and Technical Support at XYPRO Technology, and before that, I was the Senior Vice President at ACI Worldwide. Earlier I had worked for InSession Technologies following 14 years at Tandem Computers, the last years I was the Vice President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer of the NonStop Software Business Unit. 

In 2011 I I joined American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and as ACRM’s Chief Meetings Officer I was in charge of all aspects of the ACRM’s conferences.

Now I live in Colorado, my daughter is starting family, and yet again I changed professions.

Working for ACRM was my encore career and now I am spending more time working on Pyalla Technologies investments strategy.



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